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Lmb has been present in blood banks for over 35 years, where we strive to set the highest quality in the development, manufacturing and solutions from donation to processing blood components. Lmb was founded in 1982 in Germany and rapidly expanded to surrounding countries such as Austria and France. This rapid expansion was due to the innovative products and solutions that Lmb offered to the clients. And these products initially focused on devices for blood group determination. The company then grew with the addition of the distribution of different products which created an adequate product mix to set a start to a long-term success. With this growth and acquired knowledge the company ever since has been finding innovative technological solutions in the fields of donation and component processing.

    Some of the milestones of LMB:

  • 1982. Founded in Schwaig (Germany)
  • 1996. CE certified by TÜV Süd
  • 1999. Expand R&D and production to Nis (Serbia)
  • 2006. ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification
  • 2012. Lmb Academy founded as Quality Competence Centre
  • 2013. Lmb Medikal grounded in Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 2014. Product testing service center in Schwaig (Germany)
  • 2015. New facility in Nis (Serbia)
  • 2019. Technical service center grounded in Taipei (Taiwan)

Our mission

To offer high-quality and innovative products with excellence in service and solutions for the complete blood processing in blood banks. Solutions from blood donation to blood components separation.



Launching of new Virtual Technician System 'Assistant 24/7'


Opening of a high competent technical service center in Taiwan


Installed LUXOmatic in England


Extension of the product range: Blood bags


New building in Serbia became a new home for: Production, Warehousing, Research & Development, Software, Sales, Service, Finance, Purchasing and Logistics.


FILTRAmatic – Lmb’s new device for controlling the blood filtration process
Opening of Lmb Medikal in Istanbul


Begin to be present in India


Launching of new product developments:
Bagmatic NOVO – the new blood donation monitor
Mikromatic – the upgraded semi-automatic plasma extractor
Sealmatic – tube sealer with an outstanding short sealing time


Engage in non-invasive haemoglobin measurement


Invention of Lmb’s own high tech sealer family


ErySep starts a new era in blood separation


Group of Lmb engineers engaged in a big software and hardware development for RFID for use in blood banks for blood tracking. The project was finished in 2009.


ISO 13485 certification
Begin to be present in Russia


First Installation of a Semi -Automated
blood separation device


Opening of Production & R&D facilities
in Nis (Serbia)
Development of the Semi-Automated
blood separation device


Begin to be present in Asia
(installation of blood donation monitors in China)


CE mark obtained


Opening of the Budapest production branch


Extension of the product range:
Platelet Storage
Blood identification systems


Bagmatic, Lmb’s blood donation monitor was created


A group of German engineers create LMB

Quality Policy

  1. Our constant aim is to have all satisfied customers because we know that it is a condition of survival.
  2. It is necessary to improve our offer in line with global trends in technology development, but also to care their originality in the competition.
  3. We commit to continuously demonstrate leadership and engagement of people with the respect of QMS integration in company business processes.
  4. We commit to meet all applicable customer, statutory and regulatory requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of quality management system.
  5. Systematically invest in high quality resources: equipment and personnel. Personnel management is an important business obligation in order to retain highly skilled and motivated individuals.
  6. Imperative for further development is the improvement of existing ones, developing new products and connects with strategic partners, through which a company can achieve its full operating capacity and assess their potential in the market.
  7. We commit to periodically update and adjust quality policy and quality objectives in case of change of organisation context and strategic direction.
  8. We have established a QMS documentation by which we promote process approach, risk based thinking , continual improvement and evidence based decision making.

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Our team

General management

Klaus Jentsch
Thomas Künstner
Sebastian Jentsch
Julia Elmer
Bahadir Ertok

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