Automatic report printer

Automatic printing of critical temperature alarms for tracing platelets quality. Printing daily or weekly reports, alarms, failures, door opening… Graphic or table mode. Setting resolution 1-5-10-15 etc minutes.

Control panel

User friendly interface. Last generation of Electronic Control, with a back-lit LCD alphanumeric display, to display temperature with steps of 0·1°C. The double separate display for safety improving, upper for alarms controlling and lower for temperature controlling. Both have independent probe for temperature controlling.


Stainless still housing provides long-lasting, easy to clean and germ-resistance. Housing made of double-side epoxy laminated steel.

Glass door

3x isolation glass observation window, to ensure cooling performance

Safety lock

Prevents random opening
Reliable device for thrombocyte preservation
Impressive application usage
  • Housing made of double-sided epoxy laminated steel
  • Outstanding thermal isolation
  • Temperature control 22°C ± 2°C
  • Air circulation fan for faster cooling
  • Excellent 3x isolation glass door
  • Door and temperature alarm
  • Back up battery in case of power failure
  • Digital printer
  • Menu with 5 languages
Innovative concept
  • Agitator will stop when Climax door is open
  • Complete temperature tracking
  • Great economic and ergonomic form
Advanced and smart technology
  • 0.1 ° accuracy
  • Password controlled access
  • PT 100 sensor
  • Immediately identifying alarms and failures condition