Pressing plate

Transparent moving plates for easy visual control of TT and TB separation. Right side plate for SAGM pressing and removing air from plasma bag.

HCT detection

Precise HCT detection, any desired HCT level. Adjustable for Top Top and for Top Bottom bags. One-time calibration necessary only.

Sealing heads

Multifunctional sealing heads. 5 sealing and clamping heads. In upper one, clamp A, integrated flow regulator for precise flow control.


5 balances, one of them external, for red cells in TB application measurement

Barcode scanner

Fast, handheld scanner with visible laser diode. All barcode types supported.

Optical sensors

Adaptive optical sensors for all different types of plasma, blood components and tube material Learning different plasma color, normal, lipemic.
For clean separation of blood components
Maximal blood products yield, reduced risks
  • RBC low homolyses, big recovery of haemoglobin in all applications
  • Plasma, Platelets separated in leading quality level
  • Excellent solution for all blood products standardisation
Impressive application usage
  • Top/Top bags Plasma removal, SAGM pressing
  • Top/Bottom bags in 2.5-3min
  • Separation of air out of Plasma
  • Integrated features in brilliant design for work flow optimisation
Innovative concept
  • Compact design, all applications packed in one housing
  • Triple pressing system
  • Great economic and ergonomic form
  • Very long durability on heavy usage scale
Advanced and smart technology
  • Flexibility in usage of any blood bags
  • Easy programmable for any applications, numerous programs
  • Multifunctional sealing clamps with RBC detection sensors