Big touch screen PC based

Self-test during turning ON. User friendly interface for observing filtration process. Visual and audio alarms signalisation. Easy access to report generator option for documenting filtration process. Real time graph of filtration process. One control PC unit for two filtration modules. Multilanguage support. Adjustable arm for easy positioning to the operator

12 precise measuring places per side

12 Balance sensors and algorithm for precise measurement of filtrated liquid (whole blood, red cells, platelets). Adjustable height to fit any filtration system

Automatic sealing heads

Four sealing heads for fast segmenting after filtration process. Hemolyze free sealings.

Integrated barcode scanners

Two integrated barcodes, one on each side for independent usage by two operators and easy scanning

12 filtration places per side

12 places on one filtration module. Control unit for two filtration modules.

Tube detection

Error if tube out of clamp

Adjustable bag holders

Easy adjustable height of bag holders. All filter models supported.
Automatic blood component filtration monitoring system
  • Simultaneous filtration of up to 24 bags at the same time
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Visual and audio indicators and alarms
  • 4 tube sealers
Impressive application usage
  • High precision measuring
  • All filter models supported
  • Outstanding design
Innovative concept
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Automatic filtration monitoring with minimum of operator intervention
  • Real time graph of filtration
Advanced and smart technology
  • 23“ touch screen
  • Integrated barcode reader
  • HDD for local data storage
  • Adjustable arm for easy positioning to the operator