Provides effective fast and leak free clamping with automatic and manual clamping modes


Highly sensitive sensor system ensures a precise separation and provides that the tube is appropriately placed on device.

Plexiglas plate

Transparent plate for visual control of red cells and / plasma, accepts all kind of blood bags, easy for cleaning.

Locking mechanism

Prevents unwanted movement before extraction process.


Indicate if it is all OK during self-test, monitoring status of the clamp (open/close).


Easy to use and comfortable for users hand to unlock/lock device.

Bag holder

Suitable for all types of bags on the market. Preventing damage to the edges of the bag during separation.
Easy separation of centrifuged blood
Maximal blood products yield, reduced risks
  • Calculated pressure applied for best extraction results
  • Plasma, Platelets, Buffy coat separated in a high quality level
  • Excellent solution for fast and easy extractions
  • Automatic and precise RBC detection
Impressive application usage
  • Top/Top bags Plasma, Platelets, Buffy coat removal
  • Separation air out of Plasma, manually performed
  • Handy bag hook for SAGM extraction or any other bag hanging purpose
  • Integrated work flow optimisation
Innovative concept
  • Transparent, long lasting Plexiglass plate for process monitoring
  • Easy handling, light in weight and user friendly design approach
  • Great economic and ergonomic form
  • Very long durability on heavy usage scale
  • Automatic RBC stopping and tube clamping
Advanced and smart technology
  • Flexibility in usage of any blood bags
  • Microprocessor based smart extraction controller
  • Extraction data transfer by wireless communication
  • Corrosion free materials, easy for disinfection
  • Uniform pressure applied over centrifuged blood bag
  • Impeccable design