User-friendly design

Provides safe collection of blood and aseptic sampling.

Needle shield

Protection from needle stick injuries.


Vacuum tubes and leur adaptors.


Provide few variation of filtration such as: LD filter, in-line leukocyte filter for whole blood or in-line leukocyte filter for RBC.
Blood bag system
  • 16G sharp needle allows smooth, painless puncture
  • Different types of anticoagulants provide variant preservation, CPDA-1 for enhanced storage up to 35 days and CPD-SAGM for red blood concentrate storage up to 42 days
  • Platelet storage bag with gas permeability enables the storage of viable platelets for up to 5 days at 22°C
  • High quality Whole blood and RBC Leukodepletion filters, to avoid white blood cells
Maximal blood products yield, reduced risks
  • Sampling Bag and Vacuum Tube Holder for convenient and contamination free sampling and undiluted blood sample is collected
  • Outlet Port connects with a transfusion set with closure-piercing device without leakage, safe and easy to open
  • Port covers are provided to avoid contamination and can be opened with one hand to avoid direct contact with port itself
Innovative concept
  • Snap to open tip facilitates smooth transfer of the components to satellite bags
  • Needle protector reduces the risk of needle stick injury and makes the needle non-reusable
Impressive application usage
  • Hanger slits and holes are provided for use during blood collection and transfusion, it also allows easy suspension of bag in a vertical position