Wheel with lock

It provides safely position of chair w/o unwanted movement during transfusion. The brakes are connected to each other and work simultaneity.

ABS tray

Impact resistance and toughness. Easy cleaning.

Motorized position adjustment

Provides maximal comfort for the donor during transfusion and allow user to adjust the chair in 3 zones (back rest, seat rest and leg rest). With the motorized segments it is possible in emergency case to take Shock position in only 12s automatically.
State of the Art Comfortable donor chair

Equipped with 3 motors for height, back and leg rest adjustment

Manual foot rest adjustment

New design epoxy metal frame

Multi position and inclination adjustments for the arm rests

Upholstery with 12 cm thickness foam with seams

Individual locking system on the 4 castors of 10 cm diameter

Tested patient weight capacity: 250 kg

Impressive application usage

Easy to use, maintain and clean

Service friendly

Durable, long time usage

Excellent price/quality relationship

Innovative concept

Elegant and practical design

Ideal for commercial use


Advanced and smart technology

No space is wasted

Specifically designed and developed to give comfort, security and wellbeing during long treatments such as dialysis, chemotherapy, blood transfusions and other medical treatments.