Carrying belt

Suitable in situation that user must have free hands and provides comfortably during carrying.

Carrying handle

Provides easily handling and comfortably carrying from point to point.

Cooling elements

Cooling elements which provides constant desired temperature for blood during the short-term transportation.
Cost efficient solution for short term transportation
  • Short term transportation solution
  • Cost effective
  • Made of robust nylon and insulation material
  • Flexible procedures of applications
  • Effective thermal insulation
  • Lightweight
Impressive application usage
  • Easy to use
  • No external or internal power source needed
Innovative concept
  • Compact design, all applications packed in one housing
  • Efficient space saving using TempShells
  • Great economic and ergonomic form
Advanced and smart technology
  • Flexibility in usage of any blood bags or donor organs
  • No space wasted using the TempShells technology