Sealing handle

With LED indicator and splash guard. Ergonomically easy to use sealing handle with LED indication when sealing finished. Splash guard for user safety.

LED indicator

Showing successful sealing and sealing error.

Visual indicator

Visual indicator for power, hi temp and sealing status. LED diodes on front are monitoring self-test or sealing process.

Adjustable feet

Adjustable rotating feet to provide equidistance connection between the neighboring devices to multiply device use-segmenting sealing.

Tube clamp

Tube clamp with tube detection and splashing guard. Easy to clean, optic tube detection, easy tube inserting...
Outstanding standalone and segmenting tube sealer
  • Compact, light, elegant, practical and ergonomic design, sturdy and robust
  • Tube diameter from 2.5 mm to 6 mm can be sealed
  • Reliable and user friendly with easy access for tube insertion
  • Adjusted impedance for high efficiency, small power consumption and shorter sealing time
  • Auto calibrating for similar tube sizes
  • High precision switch to start seal with 1-3 sec for one seal
  • Low haemolysis technology
Impressive application usage
  • Easy to use
  • Durable, long time usage
  • Light, robust and handy mobile sealing unit
  • Ergonomically shaped sealing handle including spray protection
  • Suitable for small hands
  • Swift operation
  • Low weight
  • Automatically regulated sealing time depending on tube thickness
Innovative concept
  • Compact, elegant and practical design
  • All applications packed in one housing
  • Great economic and ergonomic form to ease fatigue
  • Easy to clean and service friendly
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Individual devices can be combined freely or used as standalone devices
Advanced and smart technology
  • Flexibility in usage of any type of blood tubing
  • Right and left-hand usage
  • No space is wasted