High capacity battery driven

Two slots, can work with one battery or two batteries. Easy battery inserting into slots. With extension cable connected to original Bagmatic SL adapter, two batteries can be charged in the same time, externally.

Clamp with detection

Tube clamp mechanism with tube detection when tube is inserted. Easy tube inserting.

2D blood mixer

2D mixing system, tray connected to balance sensor for precise measurement during shaking. Balance secured with over load protection screws.

OLED display

Wide OLED display with easy menu navigation. All information for observing donation process easy visible and readable.

LED indicators

LED indicators during donation process. Visual indication of error / warning / donation status

Navigation buttons

Easy navigation through menu by using 4 buttons. Hidden (service and supervisor) menu buttons combination
Blood bag 2D mixing scale
  • Reliable - Sturdy, durable and robust design
  • Designed for mobile or stationary long lifetime use
  • User and service friendly
  • Easy access for tube insertion
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Advanced and smart technology
  • Flexibility in usage of any type of blood tubing and blood bag
  • Latest battery technology for 8 hours of operation/50 donations 
  • No space is wasted
  • 2-dimensional mixing during blood donation
  • Multilanguage support
  • Data collection via RS232 interface or RF data transfer
  • Any COM port connection to PC possible
  • Entirely free programmable and adaptable to any need
Innovative concept
  • All applications packed in one housing
  • Ideal for commercial use
Impressive application usage
  • Easy to use
  • Durable, long time usage
  • Impressive data storage, over 10000 donations can be stored
  • Portable